Slow Down & Enjoy the Ride

Speeding affects all road users, and those who speed are a risk to both themselves and those around them. One of the goals of the Quinte Region Traffic Coalition (QRTC) is to reduce the number of motor vehicle collisions in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties due to speeding and other forms of aggressive driving. To that end, the QRTC has launched a new and innovative campaign called, “Slow Down & Enjoy the Ride”. Designed to shift the belief that “faster is better”, this campaign aims to show that when we slow down, we reduce our risk of collisions and enjoy a more relaxed life. This benefits us as individuals and as a community. The campaign uses posters, information cards and public service announcements to communicate the campaign messages. The education component is supported by an enforcement campaign by area police officers. Posters and information cards can be ordered by contacting Hastings and Prince Edward Public Health at (613) 966-5500, ext. 229. The campaign materials can be viewed using the links below.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Information card

Public Service Announcement & Video

Carl Honore – “In Praise of Slow”

Fast vs. Slow

HPECHU-Speeding Campaign-Rack Card


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