Media Release: Motorists are Reminded to Practice Safe Driving During Canada Road Safety Week

Hastings & Prince Edward Counties/ May 16th, 2016 – The Quinte Region Traffic Coalition (QRTC) is supporting Canada Road Safety Week May 17th to 23rd through increased enforcement and education.

Canada Road Safety Week is a national initiative designed to increase public compliance and awareness with safe driving measures and ultimately to save lives.  QRTC member agencies will be conducting enforcement during the week with specific attention being paid to those behaviours that put drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users most at risk:   

  • Aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving – either by alcohol and/or drugs
  • Improper / non-use of vehicle restraint systems

In addition to enforcement, Canada Road Safety Week also involves an education campaign to address the importance of safe driver behaviour. The QRTC is reminding all road users across our region to consciously consider safety at all times.

“Most of the deaths and injuries that occur on our roadways are preventable,” says Constable Scott Preston of the Stirling-Rawdon Police Service.  “We’re asking the public to choose safe behaviours while travelling on our roadways, whether as a driver or passenger.”  This includes:

  • Using seat belts and child restraints every time, no matter how short the trip
  • Driving sober – free from alcohol and/or drugs
  • Driving cell phone-free – “On the Road – OFF the phone”
  • Leaving early and taking your time – “Slow Down & Enjoy the Ride”

As part of this educational effort, the QRTC is distributing car air fresheners, magnets, posters and information cards with key road safety messages at Public Health offices, Police Services and upcoming community events.    

About the QRTC

The Quinte Region Traffic Coalition is a partnership of Hastings Prince Edward Public Health, Belleville Police Service, Stirling-Rawdon Police Service, 21 Military Police Flight, Napanee Highway Safety Division and the  Central Hastings, Quinte West, Prince Edward County, Bancroft and Napanee OPP Detachments.




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